Review: Graveyard Shift

This review does not contain spoilers! Please keep them out of the comments as well. Part of the Free (Kindle) series.  Title: Graveyard Shift Author: Angela Roquet Stars: ★★★ This book's blurb had be sold at lazy reaper. However, while Lana had an enjoyable narrative voice, there was very little action. The plot sailed along with very … Continue reading Review: Graveyard Shift


Author Interview: J.S. Dewes

On the blog this week, I'm featuring #PitProm Winner and #TeamSciFi Queen, J.S. Dewes! J.S. Dewes is a brilliant author, and the #PitProm team has their fingers crossed that we'll see her fantastic space opera, The Divide, in print someday soon! Twitter Pitch: A castoff commander and her rebellious crew are all that stand between mankind and the universe’s collapse. #PitProm … Continue reading Author Interview: J.S. Dewes