Kindle Free Titles: Lessons Learned

I debated writing this as multiple posts, but I'll save us all the hassle and keep it a list: Free books get more reviews. My ratings (subjective) were consistently lower than the average ratings on Amazon. Free books have generally higher ratings even if they aren't great (editing-wise, story-wise, etc.) than similar titles which aren't … Continue reading Kindle Free Titles: Lessons Learned


Author Interview: Stuart White!

This Sunday, I woke up to some fantastic news from #PitProm #TeamFantasy member, Stuart White! He's been acquired by the Belcastro Agency!! Please enjoy this fantastic interview and join us in congratulating Stuart!!   Who is Stuart White? Too old for Hogwarts, too few midi-chlorians to become a Jedi, too tall for a hobbit, too … Continue reading Author Interview: Stuart White!

Author Interview: J.S. Dewes

On the blog this week, I'm featuring #PitProm Winner and #TeamSciFi Queen, J.S. Dewes! J.S. Dewes is a brilliant author, and the #PitProm team has their fingers crossed that we'll see her fantastic space opera, The Divide, in print someday soon! Twitter Pitch: A castoff commander and her rebellious crew are all that stand between mankind and the universe’s collapse. #PitProm … Continue reading Author Interview: J.S. Dewes