High Summons

Aesthetic Boards - the glorious mashing of images to create a thematic storyboard. Tumblr is full of them. Instagram too - and I might just have tumbled down the rabbit hole a bit late. Either way, I'm hooked. However, as I created a board for my debut, High Summons, I realized how far my main character, Jon … Continue reading High Summons


Update! Book 4 and More!

I've been hard at work, churning out a side project and planning for book four for the last few weeks. There are no spoilers ahead. Just some updates and descriptions (i.e. teasers) for what you'll be exploring in the forth book in the Warlock of Rochester series.   Tentatively titled We Who Flew, my current work-in-progress (WIP) … Continue reading Update! Book 4 and More!

Meet: Giuseppe Farro

Name:  Giuseppe Farro Song: Imagine Dragons - I'm So Sorry Though there are a few antagonists teaming up in High Summons, Giuseppe is their leader. A mid-sixties Italian mage - Giuseppe has his reasons for burning Rochester to the ground. Has every reason to tear down anyone in his way. Ends justify the means, right?